Covid Protocol

Covid Manager

In order to support and assist the operator in the management of a customer who displays temperatures above 37.5 ° or for all other particular cases related to Covid-19, the figure of Covid Manager (CM) has been established. Specifically, the figure is identified in the person of the Room Division Manager, if this is not available, in the figure of the GM. The CM (on Duty) will be compulsorily available 24 hours a day.


Temperature measurement
Before even checking-in, all customers can have their body temperature measured using an automatic thermometer which limits contact between operator and customer.
Customers who have a body temperature above 37.5 ° CANNOT ACCESS THE STRUCTURE.
The customer's body temperature will only be detected on arrival.

Valet Service
Valet Parking service is operational ensuring the maintenance of social distancing.
The operator will be equipped with disposable gloves and mask.
Disposable seat and steering wheel covers will be placed inside the car and air conditioning will be turned off.
Upon collection of the car, it will be delivered sanitized with alcohol-based products.

Check-In Procedures
No physical contact must take place between customer and operators. Before the arrival, we will obtain the data for registration through an online form. If this is not possible, the document will be shown to the operator by the customer who will show it through the protective plexiglass of the reception
The room key will be sanitized at each customer change
At the time of check-in, the operator will ask the customer whether or not he likes the daily cleaning of the room
The handling of luggage by the staff will always be through the use of gloves, the luggage will be sanitized before delivery to the room
Masks, disposable gloves and surface disinfectant are available free of charge to guests who request them

Room Cleaning

Pulizia delle Camere
Reduction of all paper information material (replaced by QR code or Disposable Products)
At each room change, regardless of whether the linen appears used or not, it is considered in any case dirty
Supply of personal pencil and notepad
All cleaning staff must verify that they have correctly worn the appropriate personal protective equipment
The rooms are ventilated before undertaking the subsequent cleaning operations
The cleaning of the room is carried out in different ways depending on whether it is already occupied by a guest (stop) or is intended to welcome a new guest (departure)
In the event of a stop, the room will be cleaned according to the practice in use before the emergency. In the case of departure, the room will be sanitized with suitable products and further treated with an ozone procedure
After each phase of the cleaning cycle, gloves are replaced
Waste is thrown into the trash, equipped with a bag. The bag containing the waste is closed and placed in the operator's trolley waste compartment
Cleaning concerns all surfaces that may have come into contact with the guest, such as bedside tables, desks, chairs, tables, any furnishings, amenities, telephone, remote control, handles and push-button panels, wardrobes and drawers
All items in the minibar are cleaned at each departure, as well as the internal and external surfaces of the same refrigerator
The cleaning material (cloths, wipes and what is necessary for cleaning and dusting) is disposable or previously treated with a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes or with another equally effective treatment.

Common Areas

The tables inside the lobby are arranged in a way that favors social distancing

It is mandatory to use the sanitizing gel before using the computers
Keyboard, mouse and work surface are sanitized after each use by the customer

The guest elevators are active. However, access to a maximum of two customers at a time is allowed in compliance with the required social distancing and with the use of a protective mask
The elevators can be used by more than two users simultaneously if they are part of the same family unit or if they share the room

Other Services

They are organized in compliance with guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety of staff and participants
In addition to the basic hygiene rules, social distancing is always guaranteed
Body temperature measurement is strongly recommended for each participant. The data will be kept for a maximum of 20 days for the sole purpose of possibly being made available to the competent health authority

Food & Beverage

Breakfast is offered with the reduction of the classic buffet service in favour of table service that guarantees the variety and quality of the hotel breakfast as always based on fresh and homemade products
Room service is enhanced with sweet and savory breakfast proposals, The F&B staff does not have access to the room, but only knocks on the customer's door, inviting them to introduce the trolley inside the room himself

The Atenze restaurant is regularly operating with the exclusion of buffet services In addition to the paper menus and it will be possible to use digital formats accessible from your smartphone via QR code

In compliance with current legislation, catering activities are allowed provided that aggregations are avoided. The banqueting formats, if not allowed in the classic form, will be based on show dinners as an alternative to the classic formats of dancing evenings

Meeting Catering
If the number of participants does not allow the classic use of restaurant rooms, in order to avoid any form of aggregation, fast & smart formats will be favored. with the proposal of Box lunch and Sweet packaging for business lunches and coffee breaks
The staff assigned to the F & B will have to constantly wear disposable masks and gloves and maintain, even with the usual cordiality and hospitality, the social distancing required by this emergency.

General Measures

Although it is probable that the staff and guests are already familiar with the prevention measures from Covid- 19, it is appropriate to remember their contents, providing for specific indications at the entrance of the areas intended for the administration of food and drinks
At the entrance of areas intended for the administration of food and drinks, as in other common areas, it is always mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance (at least one meter between one person and another)
To facilitate compliance with the distance and all the rules, information signs will be posted and delimited and highlighted the routes with floor stickers, poles and tapes to mark the route.
Hydro-alcoholic gel with alcohol concentration between 60-85% for hand hygiene must be made available to staff and guests, with firm indication of use before entering the restaurant / bar
The use of common hangers should be avoided. The cloakroom service is provided only if it is possible to avoid contact between the objects of the different guests
In common areas where it is not possible to keep the spacing of at least 1 meter, the use of masks is mandatory

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